Audio Visual Combined (Final Project) - UX / Experiential


The aim of this project was to develop a DJ lighting controller. It was developed through four stages of iterative design, employing UX and interaction design techniques.

During first stage I carried out a questionnaire survey to establish user needs for the proposed controller. The questionnaire was designed to allow respondents to voice their own opinions and to generate initial ideas. I then designed four potential controller set-ups based on the findings from the survey. At the second stage, I conducted an initial pilot study by creating a low level prototype and observed an experienced DJ’s movements and behaviour through set scenarios. In the first phase of the study, I asked him to run through the scenarios such as changing lighting, activating presets, and turning the lights on or off without any prompting to understand his initial reactions. I then ran the test again, but this time I asked him to give me more personal thoughts and suggestions.


At the third stage, I developed 10 different interface design variations and evaluated these against three personas I had developed earlier, making sure each component / set of controls were designed from these personas and user research findings. This was combined with consideration of DJ industry standard equipment such as the Pioneer CDJs. Lastly, I tested my final prototype solution at a DJ practice session at the University. I explained to the attendees how to use all the different modes and presets, and then let them use the controllers. The prototype worked very well in a real world setup and the DJs really enjoyed working with the controller.

To summarise, I designed and built a working prototype using four different UX methods, and produced a solution that could be used in a professional environment.